Comedian Services

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Hire a Clean Corporate Office Comedian

Finding a clean, corporate comedian is no easy task and finding the right person can make or break your event. Brett Forte is the perfect person for your event, he’s been tried and tested on dozens of occasions (just check the testimonials page). He is an experienced comic and fits the corporate environment perfectly. Hire Brett Forte as a comedian at your large corporate events, conventions, sales meetings, award banquets and trade shows.

“In December 2016 I booked Brett Forte to perform at a Christmas party for over 100 police
officers. While other comics might have been nervous, he absolutely crushed it. Brett had
material relatable to cop and even roasted our Police Chief; it was the highlight of the night
— Dan Fraser, Calgary Police
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Hire a Professional Master of Ceremony (MC)

Whatever your event may be having professional master of ceremony (MC) with plenty of experience is absolutely crucial. It’s no easy task to be a professional emcee. The event has to run smoothly, on time all the while entertaining the crowd with laughter. Brett will entertain your guest and attendees and diligently introduce your acts, speakers and any activities you may have planned. If you’re looking for a professional host/emcee then look no further!

Brett came to Edmonton to do a show for us during our alcoholics anonymous conference. Big mixture of young and old people with many sensibilities. He managed to offend everyone while also making everyone laugh like crazy. Which is exactly what a comedian should be! We couldn’t have picked a better person to perform. I highly recommend Brett Forte.
— Kenneth F.
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International Comedy

Hire me in Los Angeles and Beyond!